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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  November 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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welcome back. under the light of a supermoon on this monday, and a houston woman is in a nevada jail accused of keeping these exotic animals in her house. we can confirm nye coun wandering in the backyard of a home in pahrump. >> they found eight monkeys living on the inside of the residence. bill spencer has the story of how authorities in houston caught up with this woman. >> reporter: 34-year-old trisha meyer, the houston woman who was housing exotic wild animals inside this home, is now in custody in nye county, nevada charged with child endangerment for keeping dangerous animals in
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daughter. >> having wildlife inside your home or even in your card is dangerous. >> reporter: regardless of the law, court documents obtained by channel 2 show trisha meyer had three tiger cubs, a full-grown adult tiger, a fox, a skunk and at least at one time several monkeys all living inside this home she was leasing on cypresswood drive. now, after talking with investigators with the nye county sheriff's department, was actually arrested in pahrump, nevada, 60 miles west of las vegas, on november 2nd. her animals have been placed with animal control and meyer is facing charges for allowing her collection of animals to roam freely inside her home in contact with her own daughter. here in houston, she allegedly said the tigers at their current ages were dangerous and could
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putting these animals in the same space as her very own child, extremely dangerous. >> wildlife with pose a threat to anyone inside the house especially if it isn't restrained. >> nye county authorities say she didn't have the special permits required to have all of those animals. meanwhile, trisha meyer is being held in pahrump on $2,000 bail. today, a jury in georgia found ross harris guilty of mu 2-year-old son who died in a hot car instead of being dropped off in daycare. he left his son in the car for seven hours. prosecutors say he killed his son to escape family responsibilities and he was living a double life, sending sexually explicit messages to a
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in the car. they also say he did computer research on this. >> he closed the door on that little boy's life. >> the jury found him guilty on eight charge, including murder and cruelty to children. harris will be sentenced on december 5th. he could face life in prison. wikileaks founder julian assange i prosecutors about sex crime that allegedly happened in sweden. the prosecutor arrived this morning and drew a credit card. assange sought refuge in june of 2012 to avoid extradition to sweden and possibly the united states. he was later granted asylum. two swedish women are accusing him of sexual assault after a meeting in to 10. close call for a flight headed to a canadian airport
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suspected drone. it happened near downtown toronto. officials say the object was most likely a drone. two flight attendants suffered minor injuries when the pilot of their plane had to take evasive action. the plane was going from ottawa to toronto with 54 passengers and four members on board. gwen ifill has died. she moderated t february's debate. the former newspaper reporter eventually made the move over to tv. she worked for nbc before pbs. she had been battling cancer. she passed away in washington, d.c. in hospice care. she was 61. tonight, president obama is trying to calm the demonstrations over the election results and says to give president-elect donald trump time to get adjusted to the job.
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his meeting during his first news conference. listen to this. >> my instructions to my team are we run through the tape. we make sure we finish what we've started, that she don't let up in these last couple months because my goal is on january 21st, america's in the strongest position possible and hopefully there's an opportunity for the next president to build on that. >> as that transition president-elect donald trump has started to pick the members of his administration. tonight, sources say the associated press, actually, is saying that rudy giuliani is favored to be his pick for secretary of state. there's still a number of key positions, though, that will need to be filled before trump's inauguration in january. >> reporter: members of the transition team showing up for their first full week of work.
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exactly who they are looking for. >> it's all about finding men and women who have the character and the vision donald trump expressed. >> reporter: some are already question this. reince priebus was named chief of staff. he will serve with stephen bannon. the -- the trump team is defending the appointment. >> he has 100 business degrees. >> reporter: the president-elect has a message for any supporterses who may be harassing minorities. >> don't do it.
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together. i say stop it. if it helps -- i will say this -- and i will say it right to the cameras -- stop it. >> reporter: in washington, diane gallagher. next -- what happened to motorcyclists on the side of a highway and who that guy is in the picture. a two-time olympic gold medalist prepares to make her professional debut right here in las vegas. amber tells us why she thinks
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some wildfires continue to burn all across the southeast. it's threatening communities. we're hearing they are growing. >> fire teams are rushing into the region from all over the country. jay gray against. >> reporter: raging wildfires have already swallowed tens of thousands of acres. >> we've got california wildfires in north carolina, and from all indications this is one of the worse conditions north carolina has ever seen. >> reporter: drought conditions throughout north carolina and stretching through the south.
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there. >> reporter: georgia, kentucky, alabama and tennessee more than 5,000 firefighters are battling the flames. along the front lines and from the air. >> flying in here, we could see probably a dozen different fires just within ten miles of where we're standing right now. >> reporter: and there's no sign of relief in the forecast right now. >> we've had some dry spells but this year has been unbelievable. >> reporter: warm temperatures the region. a front late this week could bring stronger winds and in many areas, there's no chance of rain until after thanksgiving. jay gray, nbc news. an unforgettable experience for a group of motorcycle riders in new jersey. >> they stopped to help a fellow biker stuck on the side of the road. it turned out that biker was the boss himself, bruce springsteen. his bike broke down.
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at first, you can see his hat. kind of incognito. didn't realize it was bruce until they started to get close and talk to him. they grave him a -- gave him to a ride to a restaurant. you can see he bought everyone a drink, took selfies and the whole deal. >> i just want him to go back to black leather. i don't know about that -- >> you like the classic. >> i say >> that's how we're used to seeing him. >> that's right. coming up at 7:00, a water main break create as crater in the road. how the driver was able to escape. and the black friday, the day of discounts but there's one big ticket item you should not buy on that day. the experts at consumer reports will fill you in on that coming up at 7:00. and speaking of shopping, the
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overwhelming. >> tonight, craig looks at one way you can use to eliminate debt. >> $15,000 that's the amount of debt the average american has. when you add that to your car payment, perhaps a student loan, many people will tell you they are broke. ask yourself could you go on an >> a test is with us. >> i.d. kras, cut them up. need money for school, sell stuff. buying a car? forget the loan. but is the key to wealth found by spending only cash with absolutely zero exceptions? could you dump your favorite credit cards? >> i was sad when -- kind of sad when i had to cut that one up.
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"cash diet." that's monday night at 11:00. is an all cash-existence possible? would you give it a try if that was the key to never worry about money again. you will meet the people who say it works. that's our special report tonight at 11:00. the good news is you don't have to spend a dime to check out the best show right now. illuminated by the bright moonlight. the moon is now closer to the earth than it will be again for 16 years. actually, you have to go 48 years back to find it this close, making the moon appear 14% larger and 30% brighter. it's pretty cool. around midnight when it's directly overhead, we'll see some good lit landscape. the best it can be.
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your view will be even better to get impressed by the brightness of the moon. there goes the sun. lights have come on. it's still a beautiful evening. carey and hollywood, checking in at 67 on november-like degrees. eastern, 62 and near charleston and valley view, it's 66. if you are heading out this evening, you will be greeted by 60-degree plus air. low 60s 60s. east side, 69. pahrump, 63. the lake, a degree warmer. up on the mountain, 42 degrees. mapping out your day for tomorrow, we'll get rolling in the mid-50s. mid-70s by lunchtime. we'll probably peak in the upper 70s before pulling back. maybe a high cloud or two but they will be pretty thin. the wind will be thin. less than 10 miles an hour. that's tomorrow. wednesday will be a whole different story.
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but it's this front right here that will pull in high clouds. you can see the freckled cloud formation. that's cold air. that will swoop on in. as it does, we may see some snow in lincon county. but for us, skies will be clear here in clark county but temperatures will drop big-time. 68 in reno. 51 in salt lake. highs tomorrow, mid-70s in southern california. along the coast there and 87 in phoenix. for southern nevada, overnight tonight, overton going down to 52. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, pahrump at 74. it will be 67 up there in caliente and mid- to upper 80s in laughlin again. for for the las vegas valley, we're going down to 53. underneath that bright full moon. tomorrow a couple of high clouds. we'll call it mostly sunny. expecting a high temperature of 79. tomorrow's record is 82. in the neighborhood, probably won't get there. but you know, we're kind of pulling for an 80-degree high because if we get that, we'll
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more on that tomorrow. the winds on wednesday, yikes. by thursday, 60. by thursday night, low of 39. that's at mccarran. some neighborhoods in the mid-30s. don't think we'll get a frost but when you wake up and walk outside friday morning, you will want to run back inside. >> you will know it's november. >> no doubt. time for sports. am bir dixon joins us with rebel football fans. finally got a reason to celebrate. >> yes. because today, two rebels were named mountain west players of the week for their parts in saturday's 69-66 upset of wyoming in triple overtime. kurt has won offensive player of the week. he threw three touchdowns, no interceptions and led all rushers with 157 yards. 76 of them on this fourth quarter touchdown.
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pass to give unlv, the 52-45 lead. meanwhile, troy had two key interceptions. picking off wyoming in the fourth quarter and then also in the third overtime. this kept the cowboys from scoring and led to the rebels kicking the game-winning field goal. this marks the first time unlv football has won both offensive and week since september 2007. however, the win also came with a crushing injury. unlv says star wide receiver junior boyd broke his left arm during the game and will be out the rest of the year. there are only two games left but if the rebels win both, they are bowl eligible. they play at bowzy state on saturday and then return home to defend the cannon against reno.
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it will air on espn3. boxer shields will get some tv time when she makes her professional debut this saturday on the undercard at t-mobile arena. fresh off winning her second olympic gold medal in rio, she will be featured on the free portion of the pay-per-view telecast. exposure will prove crucial as shields, the free agent, with no promoter, tries to make a living in a sport already frommer relevance, at least in the. what are your thoughts on entering boxing when it's at a low time for women? >> well, they think this is a reintroduction for boxing for women.
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you can't question my greatness with my medals. i'm 21. and i'm just trying to get over that hump that i haven't been able to get over. >> she's off to a fantastic start but will that translate into somebody wanting to pick her up and put her on paid per view? l bit larger today. >> yes. we are over the supermoon about it.
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we'll go ahead and serve breakfast sunnyside up for one more day. big changes coming later this week, but not tomorrow. mid-50s to get your tuesday rolling. looking for a high of 80. by wednesday, winds blow, down kelly has your update on "news 3 today." that broadcast begins bright and early at 4:30 a.m. prime time for jim and reed. >> yes, it is. major breaking news that happened for news 3 over the weekend. >> we're thrilled to tell you about another member of our news 3 family just welcomed into the world. marie mortera and her husband welcomed this beautiful new son, honor, into the new world.
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they want to thank everyone for their well wishes, love and support. marie, now you know what it's like to have two kids. >> there you go. >> enjoy the time. >> if you see her out in public,
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we get a first look at the man accused of driving drunk when he took two brothers' lives. how this tragedy highlights a deadly trend on our roads. gunfire strikes a mobile home community. residents say the man arrested
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neighbors. a deadly earthquake caught on camera as new zealand recovers from the big shake. we're asking the question how southern nevada would be prepared if we had a shaker. two young men killed in a crash on their way to buy their mom a birthday present. i'm latoya silmon. >> i'm reed cowan. tonight we're getting a first look at the man police say is responsible. kelsey thomas has tragic top story. >> reporter: just a few feet from the busy roadway, friends and family are out here tonight leaving candles and flowers for two brothers who were inseparable. they were only a year apart. tonight their mother is offering up a story of love -- love and loss. sharithea everett says her life is destroyed, knowing her two sons are never coming home.


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